Naworth Castle is one of Britain's most outstanding film locations, used for filming and television productions since the 1980's. Indeed in 1935, Walt Disney was a house guest.

Dating from 1335, Naworth Castle's medieval exterior and grounds offer excellent backdrops, which require little or no dressing. The adjoining walled garden has retained its character since the seventeenth century, whilst the magnificent mature woodlands and parklands offer dramatic settings throughout the seasons.

Within the castle there are a range of settings which lend themselves to costume dramas, feature films and documentaries
2 Pre-Raphaelite libraries.
The 100ft Great Banqueting Hall.
Medieval dungeons.
(right: photo from production of Jane Eyre)
The derelict west wing - approximately 20 rooms stripped out to the stone work. Ideal for use in shots for distressed interiors, but could also be utilised to construct any set

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